Climate & Energy
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Climate & Renewable Energy Specialist - Independent consultant, researcher & publicist

Energy is the lifeblood of every society. Because of climate and environmental concerns the world is embarking upon a transition towards more sustainable energy sources. This transition will affect business' and citizens alike. A transition is never easy but at the same time it offers tremendous opportunities. I am ready to explore these opportunities together with you.

Steringa Consultancy can be hired on a freelance basis for:

-analysis & advice concerning climate and energy policy - (NL/EU)
-energy transition research (trends, scenarios, etc.)
-programme management and evaluations
-stakeholder management (connect you with the right people)
    *press and news articles
    *public speaker. Focus on the energy transition in (the electricity sector) in general; Energy companies' strategies in particular.


-Energy Transition
-Climate & Energy policies
-Energy Companies
-Business strategies
-Development Cooperation
-Humanitarian aid
-Europe and Central- & South America
-Energy projects and impact on local population

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